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car rental

Types of cars at Al-Athria Company

Ford Taurus,Hyundai Staria,Kia Swing,Kia Slotos
,Hyundai Kona,Hyundai Elantra,Hyundai Accent,Hyundai iTen,Toyota Corolla,Toyota Yaris,Chinese Nissan,Kia K5,Kia Cerato,Kia Pegas


Branches Cordoba Branch, Umm Al-Hamam Branch, Laban Branch, Al-Shumaisi Branch, Branch Exit 28,  Exit 18 , Al-Shifa Branch, And Dirab Road, and Imam Malik,Azizia Branch

*Note that the prices below do not include value added tax

The contact number for the car rental employee is 920012592

our mission
we strive to provide the best services to our clients from individuals , the private sector and goverment departments

Our vision

Driving the car rental concept to new heights
It is difficult to overcome it, climb to the top and continue by building a broad base
From customers and confidence in the services we provide to them

Contact us for reservation

Apply for the desired car and the employee will contact you as soon as possible 

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